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由專業後期製作團隊為您精修照片,修片約90工作天,由網上google drive發送。




  • 熱門外拍景點:巴黎聖母院/艾菲爾鐵塔/巴黎歌劇院/盧浮宮/皇家花園/塞納河的藝術橋/

  • 全程JPEG格式高標準拍攝數碼原片JPEG檔原尺寸底片贈送,

  • 照片精修內容:美膚、修面、修身、去瑕疵、調色、調光、去雜物等等。

  • 新娘如需試妝,可提前電話或email預約,每次收取試妝服務費。





  • 往返巴黎機票住宿等旅遊費用由客人自己承擔,但無需承擔工作人員的住宿費用。

  • 服務期間不包括顧客額外的飲食費用。

  • 請客人自備內衣、鞋子、襪子、皮帶和男裝襯衫。

  • 上目團隊並不包含保安服務,於戶外拍攝期間人多複雜,請顧客自理私人貴重物品,建議盡量少帶貴重物品或找親友看管。

  • 所有服務不包括個人旅遊保險,客人之人身及財物安全必須自理,責任概與本公司無關 。

  • 拍攝時間超過20分鐘後以加時1小時計算。




  • 所有套餐僅適用於同意授權肖像權用於媒體宣傳之客戶,否則另收取 €100。

  • 巴黎以外的客人,可提供額外機場/火車站到巴黎酒店接送服務,機場約€50/火車站 €40單程。

  • 可提供製作相冊連客制化排版,額外收取製作費用,客人可自行挑選照片,將選好的編號發至客服郵箱,

  • 可提供跟拍音樂MV製作,額外收取製作費用,為你的婚攝旅拍留下最美好的紀念。





【Booking process】

Consult by email/phone call >

we will provide a shooting agreement, customers have to pay 30% deposit after signing the agreement >

make appointment for choose wedding dresses and take alteration>

take the garments the day before departure/ shooting>

In the shooting day, please meet in the workshop/hotel on time to have professional makeup and styling service.

At the end of shooting day, customers have to return all dresses, accessories and pay the rest of payment.

We only accept payment by cash >

Customers would have all the pictures with original files in JPEG format in 2 weeks >

Customers can choose an amount pictures for editing, please note the pictures files names with retouch requests

and send to our service email, our professional photo edit team will follow your request to refine the pictures,

the final high resolution pictures will be send via google translate online within 60 working days.



【Shooting contents】

  • Hot outdoor shooting locations : 
    Notre Dame / Eiffel Tower / Opera / Louvre / Royal Gardens / la Seine and Pont des Arts /
    Pont Alexandre III / Concorde / Champs Elysees / Arc de Triomphe / Montmartre / Sacre Coeur /
    Coffee shop / Madeleine Church / Love Wall / Artist village / Paris streets

  • We provide full high standard original size JPEG format files, Photo editing included : skin, face shape, body shape, cover flaws, color, dimming, remove background objects etc.

  • Bride makeup testing can be reserved by telephone or by email in advance, extra service charges per time.



【Shooting conditions】

  • Customers need to take care all their own overseas accommodation and transport expenditures.

  • Extra food expenditures are not included during the service.

  • Customers need to bring who's own under wears, nude bra, socks, shoes, belt and shirts.

  • Customers please take care their own belonging, as Superon team world not take any responsiblity to the clients property.

  • All services do not include travel insurance, customers have to be responsible for their personal and property safety.

  • Shooting time overrun 20 mins would be counted as an extra hour, extra fee will be charged.


【Upgrade service】


  • All packages included agreement of authorize the client's portraits for commercial media using,
    otherwise charge 100 euros additionally.

  • We provide transportation service between Airport to Paris €50 single trip / Gare to Paris €40 single trip.

  • Customized wedding album service is available with extra charge, customers can select your favourite
    pictures and send the pictures file name to our email, then our professional photo editing team refine the
    selected pictures, we will have final confirmation layout with customers by soft copy before album production.
    This production will take around 1 month and once it done, album free shipping to (China/Hong Kong/Taiwan) is provided.

  • We also provide customize video recording, extra charge by MV content. 


   In case of disputes, Superon company reserves the right to make the final decision.




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